Anthony Salame – One Night Stand: Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Anthony Salame – One Night Stand: Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Anthony Salame is not my kind of comedian. Personable, charming, but still delivering a kind of stand up that I do not get. And why would I? I’m a white middle class woman, and Salame is a Lebanese guy from Sydney who specialises in ethnic comedy. And he has a good following at that, from featuring in shows such as Fat Pizza and Swift and Shift Couriers, as well as appearing on The Footy Show.

The charm I’m talking about is in the way he relates to his audience. He wasn’t having a big night, but the audience was receptive. They also were a major disruption since half of them turned up at different times during the whole act. Salame dealt with this very well, welcoming them without harassing them too much. This extended to his whole act, where his central character was shy and hang-dog, talking about his family and upbringing in the western suburbs of Sydney, Cronulla, rap music, video games and, of course, sex.

Salame delivers his act in a series of one liners, and they come pretty quickly, so if you don’t pick something up or find something unfunny, he usually comes up with the goods at another time. And there were people in the audience who got a lot of material that I didn’t. He also goes through quite a few impressions that are very good – Sylvester Stallone, Schwarzenegger, Al Pacino – but they are very much blink and you’ll miss them as he very quickly moves on to new material.

Salame is a comedian that is good at what he does, and entertained the audience. He was a little awkward when a joke didn’t work, but delivered solid show otherwise.

Anthony Salame – One Night Stand: Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Date: 7 – 19 April

Times: Tue-Sat & Sun 19 7.15pm

Duration: 60 minutes

Venue: The John Curtin Hotel
29 Lygon St, Carlton

Prices: Full $19
Concession $17.50
Group (6 or more) $17.50
Preview $15
Laugh Pack $17.50
Tightarse Tuesday $17.50

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